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Type One – the Web Comedy

type 1

A pair of young comedians from Chicago have decided it’s time to educate people about the misconceptions surrounding Type 1 diabetes. Type One, an online web series produced by LVL Productions and created, written, and directed by Landis Wiedner and Mike Seskauskas, focuses on Matt, a young man in Chicago “looking for love…and a solid A1C.”

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Things Unseen


The house on Gould Street is a large, multi-storied structure, with white paint peeling around black windows like eyes overlooking the grounds. The small street is a dead end, quaint and quiet, not an uncommon site for Ware, Massachusetts. Outside, a German Shepherd burns a dirt racetrack through the grass in its fenced-in range, and the house itself sits before a wooded area, that itself in front of an aging cemetery, a playground for the spirit world. Location and look provide the house a sense of horror-movie-setting chic.

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Fecal Pills to Fight Obesity and Insulin Sensitivity?

poop pills

An upcoming Mass General Hospital study will test the use of stool transplants to change the stomach’s bacterial composition and improve metabolism and insulin sensitivity. The study will be led by Elaine W. Yu, a professor of endocrinology and medicine. The transplant will be done in pill format, with patients swallowing capsules of feces from screened donors.

That’s right – the patients will be taking poop pills.

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Eating Only When Hungry Helps Blood Sugar Control

Hunger is the most natural of human instincts – it’s what reminds us to fuel our bodies. The problem is that it can be easy to forget to check with your body to see if you’re hungry before eating.

That might be a good skill to practice, though, as choosing to eat when you’re not hungry can have a big impact on your blood sugar levels. This was among the findings of a recent study published in the Journal of the Association for Consumer Research.

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Belchertown Is for Lovers…And Anyone Else You Can Think Of


I follow my three young tour guides, struggling to keep up on foot behind their bikes. They navigate the campus with ease, occasionally jumping over a fallen branch or piece of trash. We’re on our way to the old infirmary, or the “X” building as David, the apparent group leader, calls it. He’s about sixteen years old, wearing a black and lime green Adidas sweatshirt and shorts. A white snapback hat rests backwards on his head. The snow is melting all around us in the day’s unseasonable warmth, and we avoid puddles across the ground. They lift their bikes over their heads as they walk through large patches of snow, and eventually, we arrive at the entrance to the building, a doorway of pitch blackness on the facade of a building that has seen better days.

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